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The main results of the EUROCARE-4 study, analyzing survival of cancer patients diagnosed up to 2002 in 23 European countries, were published in march 2009 as a monograph of the European Journal of Cancer, Volume 45, No.6.

Here a more detailed database of EUROCARE-4 results can be accessed on-line, with pre-elaborated survival rates by cancer site, age, period of diagnosis and population. No micro-data at the individual level are available.

To access the database Microsoft™ Access 200 is required. 

The database is organized in a number of different sections, at the moment only Section is accessible.




Section 1 contains survival data of adult patients for the incidence period 1995-1999, cross-classified according to cancer site, population, sex, age, and period of follow-up (from 1- to 5-year). Observed, expected and relative survival rates are given.

  1. accessing on-line the database