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The EUROCARE Scientific Direction (SD) is presently composed of four members, from the research teams of the Istituto Nazionale Tumori di Milano (INT) and of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS):



Roberta De Angelis (ISS) roberta.deangelis@iss.it

Silvia Rossi (ISS) silvia.rossi@iss.it

Gemma Gatta (INT) gemma.gatta@istitutotumori.mi.it

Milena Sant (INT) milena.sant@istitutotumori.mi.it



The SD has the task of coordinating the whole EUROCARE programme. In this task, the SD is supported by the EUROCARE Steering Committee. The SD is responsible for the study design and project protocols, for data storage, quality control of data, methodological aspects and main data analyses.



The EUROCARE survival data bank is located at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome, Italy: here, the Cancer Epidemiology Unit is in charge of the data bank scientific maintenance and update, and the Data Analysis Centre is in charge of its technical management. Together with the INT group, the ISS group performs the main data checks and survival analyses.


The High Resolution data base (HR) is located at the Department of Preventive and Predictive Medicine, INT, Milan, Italy, and a specific group of researchers is in charge of the management and main statistical analyses of this database.


The Researchers Committee (RC) includes all researchers of the INT and ISS groups working in the programme. They contribute to EUROCARE articles and monographs in accordance with the advice given by the Steering Committee. The RC shares the responsibility concerning the study’s design and results with the contributing cancer registries.


The EUROCARE Steering Committee (SC) is composed by 10 researchers designated from different European regions (Nordic countries, UK and Ireland, France, Spain, Italy Central and Eastern Europe) and from the INT and ISS RC. The SC steers the scientific activity and publication policy, gives advice on study proposals and keeps up contacts between the cancer registries and the coordinating centre.



The EUROCARE Technical Secretariat ensures contacts and exchanges between participants. It is provided by:


Camilla Amati (INT) Tel. +39 02 2390 2869-2902

Massimiliano Caldora (ISS)   Tel. +39 06 4990 4286


For email contacts, please use the address: eurocare.secretariat@istitutotumori.mi.it



The EUROCARE Working Group (WG) is composed of :

  • the cancer registries contributing to the project with their collection of survival data
  • the staff working at INT and ISS
  • the researchers working in different European Institutions on survival studies.


At date, the WG includes representatives of 116 European Cancer registries in 30 countries. Publication policy and data release are regulated by a document available on this website. The scientific activity of EUROCARE is documented in the EUROCARE publications  section in this website.